Not bad

Graveyard is a little application which takes care of deleting files for you. Just drag and drop any file onto it and the program will delete it.

A little confirmation message will pop up just to make sure you really want to carry on removing it. Nothing else to do. Drag and drop you're done.

Although it works via drag and drop, I did find Graveyard a little unintuitive. I was annoyed of having to reach down to the dock to erase a file and the confirmation message that popped up felt a little annoying after a while.

Then again, some of you might find Graveyard useful for removing whole folders. In some ways the application allows you to skip the Trash and get rid of files in one step.

If you know exactly what you're getting rid of, it should make things faster for you.

Graveyard deletes files automatically. Use it with care.

This free utility helps Mac users to delete a file: drag a file (also a group of files/folders) and Graveyard delete it (them).

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Graveyard 1.21

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